Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#431546 by Lucy Quipment Mon Mar 21, 2022 10:18 am
The original email came with two attached pictures, one showing what looks like injured war victims the other a woman smiling??

On 17/03/2022, 10:08 pm owne aford <> wrote:


Dear Sir/ Ma

The UK Government, Ukrainian Government and others have been sharing messages of support on social media using the hashtag #StandForUkraine

Stand with the people of Ukraine. Now accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin and USDT.

1.BTC - bc1qeujas73ttf9a3lsytu9dhuhkyg86vt3lcjpene

2.USDT - 0x2EE9c7dDA0aF6A575eB48220Db9FAeAdceDA1DD2

It's an Official Ukraine Government request for help. You can verify on Google.

The people of Ukraine are grateful for the support and donations from the global crypto community as we protect our freedom.

Crypto community continues to support Ukraine.
This will certainly contribute to the Ukrainian victory as well as support civil people. We will win!  do send any amount you can to save life , when you send it do attach the receipt payment of the payment  bitcoins  for confirmation of the money,  we do appreciate  you once more.


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