Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#439692 by Wiljames Tue May 30, 2023 1:55 am
from: Ministry Foreign A
date: May 29, 2023
subject: Urgent Attention:

Sometimes i do wonder if you are really, really with yourself. How
could you keep trusting people and at the end you will lose your
hard-earned money, or are you being deceived by their big names? they
impersonate on many offices, claiming to be Governors, Director/
Chairmen of one office or the other.

Their game plan is only just to extort your hard-earned money. Now,
the question is how long will you continue to be deceived? Sometimes
,they will issue you fake check, ATM CARD, introduce you to fake
diplomatic delivery, UN-existing on-line banking and they will also
fake wire transfer of your fund with payment stop order.

Anyway, the virtue of my position, i have been following this
transaction from inception and all your efforts towards realizing the
fund. More often than not, it is very unfortunate that at the end you

Although, i don't blame you because you are not here to witness the
processing of your payment. The problem here is that you've never been
told the whole truth about this transaction and it is because of this
truth they decided to extort you, the keeping collecting money from

The most annoying part is even fraudsters have really taken advantage
of this opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense; those you
feel are assisting or working for you are your main problems.

I know the truth surrounding this payment and i am the only person who
will deliver you from this long suffering if you will abide by my
advice .Please i beseech you to stop pursuit of shadows and being
deceived. Feel free to contact me immediately you receive this mail so
that i can explain to you the modus-operandi guiding the release of
your payment. Do not panic or have fear for anything, i know you have
gone through hell but time has come to reap.

Furthermore, all i need from you is trust, just give me the trust all
your information is here with me, because i have work in UN office for
over 8 years both in Africa and UK and there is no means of receiving
payment that cost anything except Court affidavit of claim of fund
certificate if the owner is not there in person, which will not cost
more than $1, 750 USD.

In addition, all the fees they ask both transfer cost or delivering
cost, clearance certificates known of them exist. If you really want
us to proceed, send me your direct contact or you ignore my letter if
you are not interested.

I look forward to your respond.

Mrs. Janet Olisa
(Director Of Ministry Of Foreign Payments)

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