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#441964 by Vigilante surfer Mon Dec 04, 2023 5:40 pm
Hey there my dear mate! I am begging u to read this mail thoroughly as I couldn't make up my mind for a long period of time to send a note to u. It isn't in my nature to write letters to the men first. I am Galina. Actually I'm thirtysix years old.I reside in KAZAKHSTAN. I am an honest and sincere girl. I am searching for trust-based relations only, based on affection and trust. The age difference is not the problem for me. I've got 2 universaty degrees and I am a doctor of Highest Category. Also, I 've worked abroad 4 some times and I have visited some foreign countries too. I spend too much time working and it's right time to seek for a sweetheart with whom I would be able to make a long-term romantic bond. If you're looking 4 a believable and sincere girl, likely we will manage to make romantic bond. In the email I send to you a pictureof me. I am convinced that u will find attractive my photo and u will write me back at once. In your mail I'll be so thrilled to glance at your return images and to gain some information about u. I will answer u back directly after I receive your response. It's necessary: I will not play any games and I'm not gonna send any pics of naked me. If u want to have pictures of nude me or to have my money, I request you not to answer this message. And if you're an unmarried fellow who's ready for the trustful relationships, I will be so glad to receive your e-mail. Tell u tell please of yourself and your motherland. It would be very captivating to know about it.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my regular mail box:

I am making a request u to write a mail quickly, GALINA,

If it sounds to great to be true it is false indeed, and always remember google reverse image search.

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